The special protection for the skin in winter.

Vitamin A Winter Cream

Special cream for wintertime

The often change between cold outdoor temperatures and dry, warm heating air causes often skin problems. As winter cream and protection against cold cream VITAMIN A CREAM SPECIAL WINTER CARE was especially for the wet cold season conceived.This cream contains 75 000 international units (IU) of Vitamin A and additional collagen; the 3×2 ml ampoules each contain 10 000 IU of Vitamin A, dissolved in avocado oil.

  • Protection against cold cream also in the case of minus temperatures
  • Perfect for winter sports
  • Dry, scaly areas, sometimes also called “winter eczema”, will disappear
  • The cream can be joined with each care and skin type and the age does not matter

Available in the months from October to March.

Content: 50 ml jar with 3 Vitamin A Ampoules



Stocker for 6 Unites

Vitamin A Winter Cream



Sun and Snow Lip Care SSF 6

  • Partically tube opening to put the product direct on the lips without using the fingers.
  • Shea Butter owns a remarkably high part of unsaponified elements (even with soap it is not easy to wash it off), includes Vitamin E and F, in face of the high fat content is it oil free and it owns a natural sun protection character.
  • Camphor and the oil of peppermint affect disinfectant, supply with blood and because of this they prevent unwanted small lip blister
  • Sun protection factor 6