De Tomaso

A zestly fragrance of lemon gives de Tomaso its distinct sporty and masculine character. Lavender, juniper and oak moss reveal themselves in a spicy perfume. The underlying warm, woody character comes from cedar. De Tomaso Emulsion Après Rasage freshens up your skin after dry or wet shave.

De Tomaso product range

For men

  • Eau de Toilette
  • Après Rasage
  • Gel pour la Douche
  • Emulsion Après Rasage
  • Energizer Cream
  • Moisturizer Cream





Eau de Toilette

50 ml




Après Rasage

After Shave

50 ml




Gel pour la Douche

Shower Gel

200 ml



Emulsion Après Rasage

After Shave Bal for sensitive skin, with alcohol

75 ml




A light day cream

30 ml




Rich night care, with Vitamin-A, dry skin.

30 ml