Body Care

Product Range

  • Anti-Aging Body Lotion
  • Hyaluron Silk Body Lotion
  • Vitamin A Body Milk
  • Hyaluron Shower Gel
  • Gentle Body Treatment
  • Seasalt Body Scrub & Bath
  • Dailyshelter Hand Cream
  • Cream Deodorant



Anti-Aging Body Lotion

Intensive Body Care with Matrixyl

This rich body lotion cares optimally for the demanding skin.

  • smoothes little wrinkles and tightens the texture of the skin.
  • With increasing age skin care becomes more and more important.
  • Natural skin fat is taken away by everyday showering or bathing particularly from the body skin.
  • Matrixyl is a high-quality Anti-Aging active substance for the intensive care of demanding skin.
  • The silky texture of the lotion can be optimally distributed over the body.
  • Quickly absorbed, it provides an especially pleasant skin feeling.

Content: 250 ml


Hyaluron Silk Body Lotion

Body lotion with Hyaluron

Hyaluronic acid enriches the skin’s moisture content. Silk proteins smooth the surface of the skin, ensure a pleasant, velvety smooth texture

Content: 250 ml


Vitamin A Body Milk

Body milk with vitamin A

Vitamin A nurtures and smoothes specially dry and chapped skin. Argan oil and shea butter are valuable oil-restoring agents.

Content: 250 ml


Hyaluron Shower Gel

Shower gel with hyaluron

Use the refreshing shower gel for daily body hygiene. Mild surfactants preserve the natural protective acid layer. Additional and moisturizing hyaluron prevents the tensing feeling. The skin will feel pleasantly clean, refreshed with a soft fragrance.

Content: 250 ml



Gentle Body Treatment

Body Cream

Formulated for intense body care.

  • Optimum treatment for dry skin, especially after a shower or bath.
  • Stimulates the function of the skin.
  • Gives the skin more elasticity and resilience and tightens the body contour.
  • A protective film makes the skin soft and supple.
  • Allergy tested, free from irritating substances.

Content: 250 ml Super Size Jar


Seasalt Body Scrub & Bath

Sea salt is a natural raw material and has a particularly energetic effect. As a peeling, the fine crystals remove skin flakes, stimulate blood circulation and metabolism. Afterwards, the skin feels super soft and smooth. A body lotion can be absorbed much better afterwards.
As a bath additive, a salt is particularly skin-friendly, prevents itching or a feeling of tension and reduces cornification. The delicate perfume is pleasantly fragrant and appeals to all the senses.

  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Dual use body scrub & bath salt
  • Natural raw material
  • Wellness at home
  • Giftable article
  • Complement to body care

Content: 300 g  Jar




Hands are often seen as a business card of a human being. Some things can be deduced to the human being and always the age can be estimated.
But mainly the contact with water abstracts always moisture. In the winter the coldness presses our hands and causes sometimes rough, chapped skin. In the summer face and hands are most frequently exposed to the sun and because of this the skin keratinised stronger.
Optimal hand care for the daily application is the now the consequence.

  • soft, elastic consistency
  • fast penetration
  • leaves no bothersome oily film
  • Bisabolol, gained from the camomile oil, effects skin smoothing and calms down especially in the case of reddened hands
  • protects the skin effective
  • even stressed hands get better rapidly

Content: 100 ml tube


Cream Deodorant

A deodorant is a daily sanitary product like soap or shower gel. Women and men use this body conditioner to avoid unwanted body odour. A lot of deodoriser which contain alcohol like deodorant roll-on or deodorant sprays can cause allergies.
Perfect is a skin agreeable product, which the sweat corrosion and so the odour accumulation avoids

  • Neutral perfuming
  • Body conditioner for women and men
  • Also able for sensitive skin
  • The product can even be used immediately after a shave
  • Save protection against body odour
  • Practical dosage and application

Content: 50 ml tube