Caviar Complex

Caviar of salmons, also called “red caviar”, has a bigger diameter as other kinds of caviar and its colour is orange to red. It is an interesting active ingredient for cosmetics because of its special contains ( proteins, peptides and amino acids) and will be used for high anti-aging skin care products.

  • Increase of collagene-synthesis
  • Strenghten the cell-membrane
  • Improvement of skin texture
  • Moisturizing seaweed extracts form a protecting layer
  • Day and night care
  • Suitable for eyery skin type

Content: 50 ml jar



Caviar Facial Fluid

Caviar, the luxury product from the sea, consists of nutrient rich fish eggs from the salmon. To achieve this premium substance fish are “milked”.In the cells of the caviar are achieved important substances like amino acids, proteins, lipids and vitamins. Completion product to Caviar Cream and Ampoules.

  • Ultra-light, Fluid which is very fast absorbed
  • Caviar boosts the immune defence barrier of the skin
  • Caviar supports the micro circulation, the skin appears fresh and easy supplied with blood
  • Caviar activates the collagen synthesis so there is a skin tensed effect
  • Adequate for demanding skin
  • Practical dispenser dosage

Content: 30 ml dispenser


Caviar Serum

Tightening Concentrate

The skin-tightening gel is used as an active agent concentrate to support basic care. The serum is applied daily drop by drop to the face and specifically to the facial expression wrinkles. The serum tightens and smoothes the skin and gives it new elasticity.

  • Skin tensing active ingredient concentrate
  • 4 % concentration of caviar / serum
  • Supplement of Caviar skin care products
  • For demanding skin
  • Content: 15ml pipette bottle

Inhalt: 15 ml pipette bottle