Special Care

Special products for optimum skin care independant of the individual specific skin-type care programmes. Special creams, masks and various peeling substances are available in addition to the other products in the series.

Special Care product range

Special skin care

  • Vitamin A Cream
  • Vitamin A Mask
  • Artbio Stem Cell
  • Intense Collagen Cream
  • Skin Protection Cream SPF 25
  • Fruit Complex 5%
  • Soft Cleanser, Lotion, Cleansing Gel, Cleansing Foam
  • Cream Deodorant
  • Special Moist
  • Moisture Film Sport Light & Medium
  • Enzyme Cream Peeling
  • Apricot Peeling
  • Peeling Cream
  • Special Throat Care
  • Moisturizing Mask
  • Eye Contour Cream
  • Q10 Cream
  • Exclusive Cream
  • Exclusive Eye Fluid
  • Gelee Royal Cream
  • Eye Make-up Remover

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Vitamin A Cream

Day and Night Care

VITAMIN A CREAM is a rich cream, which is adequate for every normal, dry and sensitive skin. Vitamin A is a all-round substance for all skin functions. The product is characterised by its special tolerability.


  • The cream has a very comfortable consistency, it is easy to put the cream on and it is fast absorbed
  • VITAMIN A CREAM takes effect –
  • Demanding skin
  • Seborrhoeic skin (heavy hornification)
  • skin which tends to irritation and is sensitive
  • dry skin with lacking sebaceous gland function
  • VITAMIN A CREAM is the perfect entrance into the substance cosmetics

Content: 50 ml jar


Vitamin A Cream Mask

Cream mask

Rich cream mask for the care of dry or flaky skin. Replenishing cream mask serves as a special and complementary product for skin care. Dry, rough or flaky skin appears soft, smooth and supple after using the mask.

Content: 50ml tube


ARTBIO Stem Cell

Alpin rose is a type of rhododendron, which resists extrem weather influences in high mountain areas. Vegetable stem cells are able to regenerate their whole organism. Particularly effective is the combination of the robust plant species and the biotechnological process of stem cell extraction.

  • Day- and night care
  • Broad application scope, 40 + (Age of customer)
  • 50 ml jar with 3 Ampouls




Skin Protection Cream SPF 25

Protecting Day Care SPF 25

A combination of valuable day care and effective protection against photo aging.
Vitamin A, C and E dispose of free radicals and support the natural skin functions.

  • Combination of valuable skin care and sun protection.
  • Vitamin A,C and C dispose of free radicals
  • Vitamin C supports the collagen synthesis
  • Vitamin A and E firm and improve the skin’s structure
  • SPF 25 proofed by tests
  • The cream can be used during the whole year
  • Without minerals and parabens.

Content: 50 ml jar



Fruit Complex

Gentle fruit acids skin a fresher, more refined appearance. Glycolic acid , lactic acid and citric acid have a keratolytic effect. That means that they encourage the body´s natural shedding of the uppermost layers of skin.

The peeling effect lightens dark spots. The new cell layers have a smoother appearance and pores look tighter and finer.
This skin care concept comes with three ampoules. Before starting the first cream application, apply the 4 % solution. The 6 % solution is used during the second week. Then in the third week, the skin is optimally prepared for 8 % solution. The various concentrations, which are specially designed to go with one another, enhance the effectiveness of the product while ensuring that it is outstandingly gentle to your skin.




Q10 Cream

Day and Night Care

Coenzyme Q 10 is an excellent antioxidant that
protects the cells form free radicals.

  • The ability of the skin to regenerate itself is strongly supported by Coenzyme Q 10 which also reduces the depth of the wrinkles.
  • The light texture will quickly be absorbed by the skin. You can use it as a day and night care cream.
  • The complexion looks fresh and relaxed again.

Content: 30 ml jar



Exclusive Cream

is a luxurious cream, rich in nutrients. Should be used for clients which may have adverse effects of stress visible in their skin.

  • Conducts Vitamin A & E into the layers of the skin where they are at their maximum effectiveness.
  • These vitamins works to regulate the metabolic functions of the skin at the level of the dermis.
  • Can be used in the morning and/or night if skin is tired and lacking lustre.
  • Revitalises the skin, leaving it healthy and glowing.
  • Resilience and elasticity are restored.
  • Beautiful in texture and fragrance.

Content: 50 ml + 3 Split Second Tightener ampoules 2 ml



Exclusive Eye Fluid

Light eye conditioning product.

  • It is absorbed faster than a normal cream and richer in content than eye gels.
  • In spite of the light consistency the fluid consigns a comfortable skin feeling and even the eye make-up can be applied directly.

Content: 30 ml dispenser


Soft Liquid Cleanser

Cleansing milk

A soft and light cleansing milk, which provides deep pore cleansing and balances the pH level. This cleansing milk is specially formulated for normal and combination skin. The skin is thoroughly but gently freed from dirt, make-up and excess skin oil. Soft Liquid Cleanser is water soluble. The care effect is achieved by moisturizing factors. Also, the skin is not irritated and does not leach. Due to this cleansing milk, the skin does not tighten, it becomes soft and supple. Soft Liquid Cleanser is free from irritants.

Content: 200ml


Soft Skin Lotion

Facial toner

A herbal, mild facial toner. Clarifies the skin without irritating and refines the skin relief. This toner is formulated for normal and combination skin. A soothing effect occurs due to witch hazel. Soft Skin Lotion is slightly astringent. Clarifies the skin without irritating it. The skin relief is refined. The pH-value is also stabilized. Soft Skin Lotion prepares the skin ideally for subsequent care. Any residues of cleansing milk (or water: lime, chlorine, salts) are removed. The toner has a refreshing effect and is free of irritants.

Content: 200 ml


Soft Cleansing Gel

Cleansing gel

In addition to a classic cleansing milk, a gel product is an alternative especially for combination skin. Many customers appreciate and like the pleasantly refreshing and “clean” skin feeling after facial cleansing. The cleansing gel with skin-friendly surfactants is suitable for all skin types. Sebum, perspiration residues and especially make-up can be removed effectively. In combination with water, you have a light foaming effect.

Content: 200 ml


Soft Cleansing Foam

Cleansing Foam

A soft cleansing foam and suitable for all skin types. Make up, excess sebum and environmental deposits are gently dissolved by the foam and washed off afterwards with plenty of water. The mild surfactants prevent a feeling of tension.  Allantoin additionally soothes the skin. The pump dispenser allows for economical and practical use.

Content: 150 ml


Special Moist

Moisturizing emulsion

Moisture content is responsible for elasticity und and intactness of skin surface. During summer solar radiation, heat and sweating are the causes for dehydration. During winter season skin inside suffers from dry heating air and outside from cold.SPECIAL MOIST is a problem solver for dehydrated skin.

  • A little bit astringent
  • Cleans without irritating
  • Improves the skin relief
  • Stabilises the pH value
  • It prepares the skin optimal for the following conditioning
  • Eventually leavings of the cleanser (or of the water: lime, chlorine, salts) are removed
  • Refreshes

Content: 50 ml tube