Silky Way

Impure skin is caused by excessive sebaceous gland production and their heavy keratinisation. Daily hygiene using cleansing products is very important for this skin type. The active ingredient combination including barberry, ribwort and salicylic acid aids easing existing impurities and prevents local skin infections. The keratolytic effect of the care products guarantee a solution to the skin problem in the long term.

Silky Way product range

  • Silky Way Cleansing Gel
  • Silky Way Cleansing Lotion
  • Silky Way Day & Night Cream
  • Sillky Way Facial Cover Cream
  • Silky Way Control Stick
  • Silky Way Mask
  • Silky Way Concentrate

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Silky Way Cleansing Gel

  • The refreshing cleansing gel releases the skin from excess sebum gently.
  • The daily usage is recommended implicitly.

Content: 200 ml bottle



Silky Way Cleansing Lotion

  • Antiseptic special cleansing lotion with bacteriostatic effect.
  • Also suitable for men with problematic skin as after shave.

Content: 200 ml bottle



Silky Way Day & Night Cream

Day and Night Care

Special day and night care for impure skin.
Allantoin and bisabolol have an calming effect especially on reddened and irritated skin.
Avocado oil and vitamin E have additional caring

Content: 40 ml tube



Silky Way Facial Cover Cream

  • The special make up, comes in a particular light shade, covers existing impurities.
  • It should always be used in combination
    with the cream.

Content: 40 ml tube



Silky Way Mask

  • The surface drying mask (healing earth extracts) dehydrates inflammations and regulates the excessive sebum production.
    Apply weekly.

Content: 40 ml tube



Silky Way Control Stick

  • Roll On Stick for the local treatment of pimples or inflammations.
  • Apply several times a day on the affected areas.

Content: 15 ml stick



Silky Clearing Concentrate

  • Special ampoule for impure skin.
  • Has an ant-inflammatory and antibacterial effect and normalises functions of the skin.