This is concentrated skin care. 15 different ampoules solve every cosmetic skin problem. Almost without preservatives thanks to the hermetically sealed glass-ampoules. To open them, just break off their head, undirectionally, using a tissue to protect your fingers from sharp edges. The ampoules will open nearly splinter-free. We are using glass ampules of the highest pharmaceutical grade.


Product range

  • Super Regeneration Extract (Collagen)
    Soluble collagen, which the skin has lost can be resupplied externally in concentrated form by this pure Collagen ampoule.
  • Vitamin A Concentrate
    is used to correct extremely dry skin which is under functioning. Vitamin A will activate the sebaceous glands and heal flaky, chapped and reddened skin, caused by environmental damage-e.g. winter winds.
  • Vitamin C Concentrate
    This ampoule can be recommended for use in combination with the Vitamin C Cream. The highly sensitive vitamin C has been stabilised as an active ingredient.
  • Fruit acid Complex
    8% fruit acid concentrations. Ideal for any combination skin and impure skin.
  • Q 10 Concentrate
    Coenzyme Q 10 is a vital, vitamin-like, micro nutritive substance. It is essential for “cell-breathing” and energy transportation in the mitochondria.
  • Silky Clearing Concentrate (impure skin)
    Has an anti- inflammatory and astringent effect. Suitable for any skin showing pimples, pustules or other blemishes.
  • Eye Contour & Lip Fluid
    Special ampoule for eye and lip care. The milky consistency replenishes the skin’s natural oils leaving behind a pleasantly supple skin. The concentrate is quickly absorbed, without forming
    a film around the eyes
  • Split Second Tightener (Quick Lifting Effect)
    Contains among others raffermine: soya extracts, serve to strengthen and reorganise the collagen network. They protect the protein fibres of Elastin. Tensine: protein extracts from wheat, deposit a soft and elastic film on the skin. The whole of the skin surface becomes tighter.
  • Meristem Extract
    The extremely soothing ampoule helps to normalise any nervous, irritated and problem skin. The carefully balanced composition of ingredients improves the skin’s appearance within a very short time.
  • Caviar Extract
    This luxury product comes from the sea, derived of salmon fish eggs. To gain this valuable cosmetic ingredient, the fish are being “milked”. Caviar cells contain amino acids, proteins, lipids and vitamins.
  • Hyaluron
    Hyaluron acid exists in human tissues; it can adsorb and store fluids of the skin’s tissues. During life-time, the body looses water and these vital tissue-fluids. There is a possibility to “refill” from outside..
  • Anti Aging Concentrate
    The skin´s natural collagen prouction determines the quality of this network. Matrixyl supports and activates this process. Ginkgo extract counteracts the skin´s again due to light exposure, and acts to intercept free radicals. Gold-glimmer-pigments have an optical effect and are symnol for the luxury and high-value treatment. For a better result use in combination with the Anti-Aging Cream.
  • Argan Oil Concentrate
    Linoleic acids are responsible for the high tolerance even with very sensitive skin.  Vitamine E for cell protection and cell regeneration. In case of extremely dry skin there will be a delightful feeling.Use the ampoule instead of a cream.
  • Stem Cell Concentrate
    Stem Cell from the Alpin rose

Sales packages: 6 x 2 ml