Development and Contract Manufacturing

Vacuum Production Unit

Laboratory with Pilot Batch Unit

Formulation and development

Our experience in development work gained over the years is your advantage. You may profit from this knowledge and save in development work, legal documentation and dermatological tests. Chose from our several hundred formulae in our data base. All modern active ingredients are at your disposal with the following recipes for:

creams, masks, peeling products, extracts, gels, lotions, toilet water preparations, lip balm, tooth paste, shower and bath gels, sun protection, ampoules and make ups.

Vacuum Production

Creams and emulsion are manufactured under high vacuum with the same kind of equipment as being used in the pharmaceutical industry. This method secures an optimum in homogenity of the formulations as well as reduction of preservatives since the bulk product is nearly air-less.

Filling in jars and bottles

We fill and seal your product in any type of jar, bottle or tube. From 2 ml to 1000 ml, for nearly all viscosities and in all quantities you need. Wherever technical circumstance allow, we do not impose a “minimum quantity”.


Ampoules for every kind of application

Automatic ampoule filling and sealing

Filling and sealing of ampoules

This is our speciality. Ampoules are the little helpers in the hand of the ethetician, they can be a cure for so many skin problems and they can be a valuable addition in every skin care programme. The advantage is clear. It is a comparable cheap packaging, a proved and tested packaging as used in the pharmaceutical industry, therefore the supply is according to mandatory standards. Only a minimum of preservation is needed to stabilize valuable extracts. They are safe in use and guarantee a long shelf life.

We offer more than 30 different formulations to our customers, vitamins, collagenes and the like of course, maritime extracts and plant derivatives, and many more. Filling is in 1, 2 or 3ml ampoules on our three independant filling lines, semi- or fully automatic. From 5,000 units, printed and coded.


Toilet Water filling and capping, different tools.

Toilet Water production, filling and capping

In our ex-proof facilities we prepare alcoholic formulation, we mix and filter Eau de Toilette, After Shave, Perfumes and Facial Tonics.

Professional crimping belongs to our services. We offer tools with different diameter.


Perfect seal on tubes, plastic or metal, up to 50mm in
diameter. Also for toothpaste.

High-speed tube filler NordenMatic


All popular diameters are being offered for both, plastic and metal tubes, up to 50 mm in diameter for plastic. A hot air sealing station of our high-speed filler guarantees a perfect seal with perfectly readable coding.


Single sachets for sampling

Sachets: starting from 5,000 units / 60×80mm size

Sachets for emulsion-sampling

These products are a competitive possibility for sampling. As in this example for a cream of average viscosity in a paper / aluminium / PE layer, size 60 x 80 mm, for a quantity ranging from 2.5 to 8 ml.