Sun Line – Summer Care

Sun Line is a well designed sun protection and care system with various sun protection factors. All products have been tested in accordance with DIN 67501. After sun products are available for the face and body to stop irritation and ensure an intensive and long-lasting tan.

Sun Line product range

  • Face to Phase
  • Vitamin A Summer Cream SPF 8
  • Summer Make-up SPF6






Vitamin A Summer Cream

Hautpflege für den Sommer

Customers who use vitamin A products all the year round (Vitamin A Cream, Vitamin A Special Winter Care, Vitamin A cream Mask and Vitamin A Concentrate) will find this sun cream an ideal seasonal supplement to their normal care programme.This cream offers a high quality of care thanks to the positive properties of vitamin A, the protective beauty vitamin. Vitamin A fights the keratinization process and leaves skin that has been exposed to too much sun feeling soft and silky again. UV-A and UV-B filters protect light skin that is sensitive to the sun.

Content: 50ml jar



Face to Phase

Sunscreen spray without emulsifiers

A completely new sunscreen spray with allergy protection.It contains absolutely no emulsifiers, mineral oils or perfumes. Precious jojoba oil, UVA and UVB filters provide caring and effective sun protectionfactor 10 (DIN) / factor 20 (US).

Please shake well prior the use until the mixture is consistent orange colour. About 30 pump sprays are sufficient to reliably protect your body. For smaller areas simply use less.

  • practical application in a sray form, easy to apply
  • suitable for face and body
  • SSF 10 (German DIN norm) / 20 according to US norm
  • lotion is absorbed immediatley and does not leave the skin feeling sticky
  • fragrance-free

Content: 100ml Pump Bottle



Summer Make-up SPF6

Brings a transparent brown to even the fairest of skins as if by magic. The light consistency makes it ideal as a natural summer foundation or  as a toning sun protection cream. Sun potection factor 6 and UVA and UVB filters guarantee effective protection. Phycol UL a modern additive made from algae serves as a radical scavenger. Ulva Lactus (lat.)  is a green algae with narrow, green fronds which grows on rocky and sandy ground.

Content : 30ml tube