The professional competence of a cosmetics brand is the result of achievements in the field of research and development. We have been specialising in the development and production of cosmetic products ever since Lady Esther was founded in the year 1913. Today, more than 2000 beauty therapists and estheticians in Europe and worldwide rely on products of our brand.





Anti-Aging Moisture Base

As of Februar 2020

Demanding skin suffers from loss of elasticity caused by moisture deficiency. Skin aging is visible when the collagen fibres are no more able to restore cellular water. Matrixyl supports collagen synthesis and so it minimizes the wrinkle formation

The cream, the ampoules and now the emulsion are based on matrixyl

  • Contents: 30 ml
  • recommended retail price € 24,00




24 Days Treatment

As of September 2019

Ampoule cures are the most effective form of skin care cosmetics. From our extensive program we have put together an effective program for you that results in a visibly refined skin relief after 24 days of use. A corresponding ampoule is taken for each day of the treatment.

Contents 4 ampoules each: Hyaluron, Caviar Extract, Anti Aging Concentrate, Eye & Lip Fluid, Super Regeneration Extract, Split Second Tightener.

  • New design with Christmassy slipcase
  • Contents: 24 x 2 ml ampoules
  • recommended retail price € 49,00 

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Hyaluron Eye Gel

As of June 2018

Hyaluron Eye Gel is a light, fat-free eye gel that pleasantly cools the skin all around the eyes. Meristem extracts counteract any slight swellings. Moisturizing hyaluronic acid for refilling fine lines.

  • Content 15 ml



Skin Protection Cream SPF 25

As of March 2018

A combination of valuable day care and effective protection against photo aging.
Vitamin A, C and E dispose of free radicals and support the natural skin functions.

  • Content 50 ml


Lady Esther Lipstick

Classic colours – we are proud to offer after years again our own lipstick collection of ten different colours. Our team had choosen out the colours corresponding to different teints and  hair colours of  ladys.

  • rose, pink, rosewood, orange, red and  metallic – colour shades
  • additional vitamin E for lip care
  • silver lipstick container with magnetic cap
  • colour labels for identifikation and recognition




In the new, practical 30 ml airless dispenser. For hygienic and easy dosing.

  • Caviar Facial Fluid – Skin-tightening active substance fluid
  • Exclusive Eye Fluid – Light fluid for the eye
  • Hyaluron Emulsion – Moisture emulsion
  • Content 30 ml



Natural Line

Calendula is a medicinal plant often utilized in combination with tradional herbology. It contains flavonoids, orange coloured flower pigments, which are antioxidant rich. They help to protect the skin from environmental stress an damage unducing free radicals. Skin cell protection and cell renewal are of high importance for every skin.

  • Natural Liquid Cleanser – Content 200 ml
  • Natural Skin Lotion – Content 200 ml
  • Natural Day & Night Cream – Content 200 ml
  • Natural Extract – Content 6 x 2 ml Ampoule