The professional competence of a cosmetics brand is the result of achievements in the field of research and development. We have been specialising in the development and production of cosmetic products ever since Lady Esther was founded in the year 1913. Today, more than 2000 beauty therapists and estheticians in Europe and worldwide rely on products of our brand.






Hyaluron Shower Gel

Shower gel with hyaluron

Use the refreshing shower gel for daily body hygiene. Mild surfactants preserve the natural protective acid layer. Additional and moisturizing hyaluron prevents the tensing feeling. The skin will feel pleasantly clean, refreshed with a soft fragrance.

  • Content 250ml
  • Recommended retail price € 18,00

Body Care



Aloe Vera Promotion

Aloe Vera Treatment


The refreshing shower gel has cooling and skin caring effect. Aloe Vera is a natural and very powerful moisturizer. It has a calming and relaxing effect on dry, redded or heated skin. The light emulsion will be quickly absorbed and leaves a delicate fragrance on the skin.


The cooling gel mask is a perfect after sun treatment after a sunbathing. Apply the mask generously to the cleansed face and rinse off after 15 min.

  • Aloe Vera Shower Gel: 40ml – Recommended retail price € 10,00
  • Aloe Vera Body Lotion 40ml – Recommended retail price € 10,00
  • Aloe Vera Gel Mask 40ml – Recommended retail price € 13,00




Anti Aging Lifting Mask

Rich cream mask

Anti Aging Lifting Mask is a cream mask with a particularly rich consistency. Shea butter, jojoba oil, ginkgo extract, matrixyl and vitamin E set the active ingredient accents in this completely new formulation.

  • Content: 75ml tube
  • Recommended retail price € 29,00




– in a new design

Ideal treatment to regain a fresh and healthy looking skin after the winter. Makes ideal gift-set.
Content: 2 x 2ml Caviar Extract, Hyaluron, Super Regeneration Extract, Anti Aging Concentrate

  • Content 8 x 2ml
  • Recommended retail price € 22,00




Anti-Aging Moisture Base

Rich moisturitzing emulsion

Demanding skin suffers from loss of elasticity caused by moisture deficiency. Skin aging is visible when the collagen fibres are no more able to restore cellular water. Matrixyl supports collagen synthesis and so it minimizes the wrinkle formation

The cream, the ampoules and now the emulsion are based on matrixyl

  • Contents: 30 ml
  • Recommended retail price € 24,00




24 Days Spring-Treatment

Spring treatment

Ampoule cures are the most effective form of skin care cosmetics. From our extensive program we have put together an effective program for you that results in a visibly refined skin relief after 24 days of use. A corresponding ampoule is taken for each day of the treatment.

Contents 4 ampoules each: Split Second Tightener, Hyaluron, Caviar Extract, Anti Aging Concentrate, Super Regeneration Extract, Stem Cell Concentrate.

  • New design with flower slipcase
  • Contents: 24 x 2 ml ampoules
  • Recommended retail price € 49,00

Lady Esther Extracts

Eye Contour Cream

Special eye care treatment

Enriched eye care cream for a very pleasant skin feeling. Vitamin A, C and E as a protection complex against skin aging because of environmental influence. Amino acids and additional vitamin C reduce fine wrinkles.

  • Content: 15 ml tube
  • Recommended retail price: € 22,00



Soft Cleansing Foam

Effective skin cleansing for every skin type

Next to cleansing milk or gel the use of foam guarantees a very pleasant feeling because of the light and soft texture. Regularly skin cleansing is the most important requirement for effective skin care.

  • cleansing foam contains very mild surfactants
  • effective skin cleansing for every skin type
  • sebum, sweat and make up will be removed
  • pump dispenser for easy and better dosage
  • Allantoin calms any skin irritations
  • Use SOFT SKIN LOTION as a combination product
  • Content 150 ml
  • Recommended retail price € 18,00




Sensitive Skin Calming Cream

Day and night care

Day and night care for dry skin with tendency to redness and irritation. The main active ingrendient occurs in the peel of citrus fruits and omprives the skin condition of couperosis and rosacea in a long term. Evening primrose oil and shea butter support the skin’s own protective film.

  • Contents: 50 ml
  • Recommended retail price € 34,00

Sensitive Line




In the new, practical 30 ml airless dispenser. For hygienic and easy dosing.

  • Caviar Facial Fluid – Skin-tightening active substance fluid
  • Exclusive Eye Fluid – Light fluid for the eye
  • Hyaluron Emulsion – Moisture emulsion
  • Content 30 ml