Sensitive Line

Sensitive Line was developed for sensitive skin that is very susceptible to irritations. Calming, balancing ingredients gently care for the skin without taxing it too much.

Sensitive Line product range

  • Sensitive Liquid Cleanser
  • Sensitive Skin Lotion
  • Sensitive Lightweight Cream
  • Sensitive Skin Calming Cream
  • Sensitive Super Rich
  • Sensitive Moisture Fluid

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Sensitive Liquid Cleanser

  • Sensitive Liquid Cleanser is a cleansing milk specifically designed for dry, sensitive skin.
  • Gentle but thorough cleansing.
  • Water-soluble.
  • Natural oils dissolve soil, make-up and dead skin cells.
  • Does not impair the pH balance.
  • The complexion becomes clear and fresh with no tight, drawnfeeling.
  • Without mineral oils.

Content: 200 ml bottle



Sensitive Skin Lotion

  • Sensitive Skin Lotion is non- alcoholic, mild and skin caring face lotion.
  • Plant distillates have a non irritating and soothing effect.
  • Refines the texture of the skin.
  • Stabilises the pH value.
  • Increases the protective function of the skin against external conditions.
  • Has a refreshing and stimulating effect.
  • The skin becomes clear.
  • Prepares the skin optimally for the subsequent care.
  • Allergy- tested.
  • Free from irritating substances.

Content: 200 ml bottle



Sensitive Lightweight Cream

  • Sensitive Lightweight Cream is a concentrated treatment that makes the skin more resistant to environmental stresses.
  • Ensures intensive protection as a day treatment.
  • Thanks to ist balanced combination of active substances it restores the skin`s natural resilience and elasticity when used as a light night treatment.
  • The moisture- binding power is increased.
  • The skin stays soft and smooth.
  • Ideal as a make- up base.
  • Allergy- tested.
  • Without mineral oils.

Content: 50 ml jar



Sensitive Super Rich

  • Sensitive Super Rich is a balancing, regenerating night cream for moisture- lacking skin.
  • Valuable active substances and fine oils support the natural process of skin regeneration.
  • Balances the fat deficiency of the dry skin.
  • Contains moisture factors which improve the moisture content.
  • The skin recovers effectively, feels soft to touch, and is supple and smooth.
  • Actively counteracts the formation of wrinkles.
  • Soothes irritations and the complexion is fresh.
  • Allergy- tested.
  • Without mineral oils.

Content: 50 ml jar



Sensitive Moisture Fluid

  • Sensitive Moisture Fluid is an ideal moisturizing day care product for dry and sensitive skin.
  • Helps to maintain and support the skin`s natural moisture content.
  • Increases resilience and elasticity, protecting the skin for the day.
  • The complexion becomes smooth and supple.
  • An optimm make- up base.
  • Allergy- tested.
  • Without mineral oils.

Content: 40 ml tube


Sensitive Skin Calming Cream

Special cream

Special cream for sensitive skin, couperose and rosacea. The active ingredient naringenin is extracted from the skin of citrus fruits and reduces redness, supports the fine capillaries and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Evening primrose oil, bisabolol and shea butter soothe and care for sensitive skin particularly gently.

Content: 50 ml jar