The professional competence of a cosmetics brand is the result of achievements in the field of research and development. We have been specialising in the development and production of cosmetic products ever since Lady Esther was founded in the year 1913. Today, more than 2000 beauty therapists and estheticians in Europe and worldwide rely on products of our brand.



Long Lasting Mascara

An intensive black colour mascara with long lasting effect.The valuable wax and oils it contains provide thickness and
add volume making even fine lashes visibly longer.  Precise and flawless application for beautifully defined lashes is
ensured by the fine brush which works equally well on the lower thin and short lashes.  The unique bottle design makes
certain that only the correct amount of mascara is removed by the brush and applied on the lashes.

  • Content : 7 ml




Alpin rose is a type of rhododendron, which resists extrem weather influences in high mountain areas. Vegetable stem cells are able to regenerate their whole organism. Particularly effective is the combination of the robust plant species and the biotechnological process of stem cell extraction.

  • Day- and night care
  • Broad application scope, 40 + (Age of customer)
  • 50 ml jar with 3 Ampouls



Celebrate 100 Years Lady Esther Cosmetics

A century ago, Syma and Esther Cohen of Chicago had their own cosmetic label registered: Lady Esther. Their idea of a new face cream provided the opportunity to millions of women consumers to participate in modern skin care developments. Packed in a 100 ml retro design glass jar our Q 10 is the appropriate offer to celebrate this event. The rich and soft texture of the cream supports the ability for selfregeneration and reduces powerful the depths of wrinkles with the action of coenzyme Q 10. The emblem of the jar mirrors the original first pattern of the Lady Esther brand. The queen symbolizes the woman consumer, being offered personal skin care by two female pages.
Also available are Caviar Cream Mask 8 ml in a retro design sachet and 4 ml samples of the Q 10 cream, as well as a jubilee promotion card, Art Deco style (41,5 x  29,5 cm).

Silky Line


New design, new active ingredient combination including barberry , ribwort and salicylic acid, and a new Perfum.

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Honey Peeling

Honey Peeling is a new peeling product with tiny jojoba balls. The particles, which are enriched with jojoba oil,disperse through gentle rubbing und thereby release the active substances. Concurrent the surplus cornea particles are removed and the skin surface appears smoother and fresher.
The product is supported by a special treatment set, in which several Gelee Royal products are combined.

  • Content : 50 ml tube


Lady Esther Lipstick

Classic colours - we are proud to offer after years again our own lipstick collection of ten different colours. Our team had choosen out the colours corresponding to different teints and  hair colours of  ladys.

  • rose, pink, rosewood, orange, red and  metallic - colour shades.
  • additional vitamin E for lip care
  • silver lipstick container with magnetic cap
  • colour labels for identifikation and recognition
  • eye catcher - red display to present retail lipsticks and testers




Cooling Balm

COOLING BALM - extremely light body emulsion for hot days. Seaweed extracts for additional moisture and menthol for cooling and refreshing. The emulsion will be quickly absorbed by the skin and you will smell the nice fragrance for hours.

Freshness for every time of the day: Apply to the arms and legs from time to time during a hot day

  • Content : 200 ml bottle


Matt Finish Make-up

This matting and moisturizing Make-up lends a steady light to the skin, covers small skin unevennesses an give ist a natural and flawless looke. The make-up does not shine and keeps for a long time. It is suited for all skin types, but particularly for normal and combination skin.

The shades available :                                                                                  natural, beige and bronze

  • Content: 30ml dispenser


A new Display with 3 LADY ESTHER FLUIDS

Special Care for individual skin problems. Partical 30 ml dispenser for easy dosage. The light textures are ideal in summer.

CAVIAR FACIAL FLUID - Collagen Synthese

NANOPARTICLES EYE FLUID - Special Eye Care                

HYALURON EMULSION -Moisturizing Emulsion

  • content: 30 ml dispenser


Gelee Royal Cream

  • Royal jelly is a honey bee secretion that is used in the
  • nutrition larve.
  • It is secreted from the hypopharyngeal gands in the heads of worker bees and fed to the queen larvae.
  • Beside water and sugar the ingredients are mainly proteins, all the important amino acids, folic acid, mineral nutrients, enzymes, coenzymes and many vitamines.
  • As an active ingredient in cosmetics royal jelly is responsible for cell-regeneration, firmness of skin structure and stimulation of collagen-production.
  • Rich 24 hour cream.
  • Content : 30ml jar


Sun and Snow Lip Care SSF 6

  • Partically tube opening to put the product direct on the lips without using the fingers.
  • Shea Butter owns a remarkably high part of unsaponified elements (even with soap it is not easy to wash it off), includes Vitamin E and F, in face of the high fat content is it oil free and it owns a natural sun protection character.
  • Camphor and the oil of peppermint affect disinfectant, supply with blood and because of this they prevent unwanted small lip blister
  • Sun protection factor 6

Content : 15 ml tube



Fruit Complex

Gentle fruit acids skin a fresher, more refined appearance. Glycolic acid , lactic acid and citric acid have a keratolytic effect. That means that they encourage the body´s natural shedding of the uppermost layers of skin.

The peeling effect lightens dark spots. The new cell layers have a smoother appearance and pores look tighter and finer.
This skin care concept comes with three ampoules. Before starting the first cream application, apply the 4 % solution. The 6 % solution is used during the second week. Then in the third week, the skin is optimally prepared for 8 % solution. The various concentrations, which are specially designed to go with one another, enhance the effectiveness of the product while ensuring that it is outstandingly gentle to your skin.